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Bog Roll Doll

The Doll has been making no-fi sounds since 2005. She likes to augment her vocals with contact mics, balloons, magnetic tape, percussion junk, horns, household appliances, a T-Pain mic, & field recordings. She enjoys Cool Edit Pro on an XP craptop. She is usually last on compilations.

The Doll also plays in Seattle noise improv bands TBA & PUNTERS and Auckland bands Septithe (BBQ Doom) & Unknown Tofu (improvised percussion). Her US/Aotearoa collective noise project, Contact Mike, co-founded with Biled Will and Unknown Rockstar, has over 40 band members aged 14 months and up.

"The Doll can be constituted by mixing 3 parts experiment, 4 parts noise, 1 part ritual, and 2 parts theatre, with a pinch of space dust." - Alt Music

"Using the crudest techniques imaginable, [The Doll] collages tapes of various known songs with the sounds of urination, faux-bells and various other crap, creating a truly messy mélange. Punker than you? Why, yes it is!" - Size Matters. Review of Down with Noddy cassette.

"Of course the scruffy warm experimental sounds, coming from the eccentric fuzziness of the Doll experimenting is a big part of what makes these tracks, but it’s these vocal performances that makes them stand like a house on a dusty foundering." - Yeah I Know It Sucks. Review of 28 Till Now digital.

"The Doll is another noisesome New Zealander, one of whose stocks in trade is called diapercore. On her 'multi-instrumental' side there's moaning, trombonic tooting, long drawn aether slips and lots more bonkerism." - also Size Matters. Review of 1974 8" lathe.